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When you Go Big, you can change a child’s life for the better, forever

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Being a Big Brother or Big Sister is one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling things you’ll ever do. And the best part is, it’s actually a lot of fun to share the kinds of activities you already like to do with a child.

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The Power of One


One hour, one week, one year… that’s the time commitment that Big Brothers Big Sisters asks from a Big. Over one year, 1 hour times 52 weeks equals 52 hours, about two days, of quality time with a child having fun! Our agency receives tickets to sporting and cultural events, discounts from local businesses, and more to help you plan activities.

Volunteering just a few hours a month with a child can start something amazing. There are more than 100 kids in Forsyth and Davie counties who are ready to get started. Are you? Follow the instructions to apply online below or download our application.


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