Programs Overview

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Community-Based mentoring

Mentors (Bigs) spend four to six hours per month with a child (Little) out in the community. With the parent's consent, Bigs and Littles do activities that they both enjoy like going to sporting events, crafts, watching a movie, and more!

Site-Based facilitated

Partnering with Ashley Elementary and Cook Literacy Model School, we provide group mentoring to select groups of students. Mentors from Winston-Salem State University meet with students once a week or bi-weekly to build friendships and help their social and emotional growth. This opportunity is open to college and adult mentors.

Partner / Couple matches

Designed to model our Community-Based Mentoring, partners play a vital role in the mentoring relationship while seeing the Little  together and separately.Partner matches are typically between friends, co-workers, etc. and can be comprised of the same or mixed genders. Mixed gender partners will be matched with a boy. Couple matches are typically mixed gender adults, and they will also be matched with a boy.

Club of Unmatched Littles

The Club of Unmatched Littles (C.O.U.L.) typically has more than 100 children who are waiting to be matched in our Community-Based program. They are being served by team members and group enrichment activities at Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentoring Center.

High School Big Buddies

We pair elementary age children who are enrolled in the YMCA, Imprints after-school program with a Big Buddy who is typically a high school age student. A Big Buddy is expected to see their Little once a week after school. All interaction takes place on-site at the after-school location. These match relationships are designed to build the Little's social and emotional growth.


Littles enjoy having their Bigs meet with them once a week at school during lunch or an agreed upon time.

Crosby Bigs for Success

We partner with Crosby Scholars and the Best Choice Center after school program to have high school Crosby Bigs meet with their Littles once a week after school. This program allows high schoolers to build trusting relationships to ignite the potential in their Littles.