Graduation Mentors

Graduation Mentors needed at Parkland High School

Graduation Mentor is a new United Way-funded program from Big Brothers Big Sisters that is seeking 26 mentors, especially those of Hispanic or Latino ethnicity, to be matched with ninth graders facing adversity at Parkland High School. The time commitment is only one hour a week for one year, and mentors would not meet when school is not in session.

Data from Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools shows that only 30% of repeat ninth graders graduate high school. Ninth grade is a “make or break year,” and if students enter ninth grade unprepared, then they will likely repeat. Once they fall behind, they become discouraged and embarrassed, leading to ninth grade being one of the highest for dropouts.

When these same ninth graders are matched with a mentor for the next four years of high school, the graduation rate increases to 96%! This has a huge impact on our community. Without a diploma, dropouts will struggle with finding housing and will earn lower wages. Their chance of living in poverty is much higher than those who do graduate.

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