Carlyle and Josh

Lori knew early on that her son, Josh, needed a man in his life. Josh’s father was not involved in his life, and Lori could see the anger he was harboring.

“I knew I could teach Josh the value of life, but I couldn’t show him how to be a man,” she explains.

Enter Carlyle McClinton III, or Third as he’s often called. Carlyle chose to volunteer his time to be a mentor through Big Brother Big Sisters Services and was matched with Josh eight years ago, making them the agency’s longest current match.

“My nephew was a part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, and I saw how it changed his life. I wanted to pay it forward and say ‘Thank you for saving my nephew,’” Carlyle says.

Over the eight-year match, both adults have seen big changes in Josh, all for the better.

“The changes I’ve seen in Josh have been in his attitude and anger…he’s a happier person who cares about his grades and has really good grades,” Lori says. “Josh knows that Third wants to see his report card every quarter.”

Carlyle agrees. “When Josh and I were first matched, he would not open up to me. He was that shy guy. Now he’s just goofy and outgoing like I am. His mother is always asking, ‘Who’s the Big Brother, and who’s the Little Brother?’ But over the years we’ve built a brotherhood, and he’s the Little Brother I always wanted.”

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