Jason, Colleen & Malik

Jason and Colleen Wilmoth were fortunate enough to have plenty of positive role models in their lives, and as adults they recognize and appreciate the impact these role models had on shaping future opportunities and who they are today.

Jason has been a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters in Florida, where he was a Big to two boys over a period of about five years (one Community-Based and one Site-Based).

“It was an incredible experience.  Colleen also got to spend some time with one of the boys as we’d hang out regularly doing all sorts of activities, so we both got to be a part of his life as he went through elementary school and middle school,” he said.
When they moved to Winston-Salem, they knew that they wanted to be matched as a Big Couple with a boy. They were matched with Malik in 2013.

Since being matched, Jason has seen changes in Malik including improved confidence, a more outgoing personality, an increased focus and interest on schoolwork, and he’s stepped up his hoops game (including a killer crossover).
Jason acknowledges that Malik has changed his outlook on life, too.

“My knowledge of music, dance moves, and just overall rhythm have definitely improved and stayed on the cutting edge,” he jokes. “In all seriousness, he gives us perspective. He’s such a genuinely kind and just all around cool kid. His humility, good heart, and love for his family are refreshing reminders of how to approach life on a daily basis.”

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